Mia Sanford - Thriving in a community studio

Mia displays one of her creations - fresh off the wheel!Nine-year-old Mia Sanford started taking ceramics classes at Union Project when she was just six-years-old. From the very beginning, the impact of these classes has been visibly noticeable. Her mother, Cara, says Mia always comes out of ceramics class buoyed and elated. “No other activity has the same impact on Mia. It feeds her in a way that other extracurricular activities don’t.

I believe in second chances.

Union Project gave Micah Carter a reason to believe in second chances.

After selling drugs and spending time in prison at a young age, Micah came to Union Project for the opportunity to change his life. Through UP’s mission of strengthening the community one experience at a time, Micah received the support to learn and grow in a safe, welcoming space, working to transform a building while transforming his life.

I believe in second chances.

Union Project's Clay Cooperative Shapes Learning Experiences

For the past three years, Michelle Dreyfuss has toted a vanload of children from Mt. Lebanon to the Union Project, every day for two weeks to take summer clay classes.

Spring cleaning...painting, fixing, and tending!

This week is maintenenace week at Union Project and volunteers from our community, members of the ceramics cooperative, and our staff are all pitching-in to make UP a more beautiful place to connect, create, and celebrate. The major project: painting the ceramic studio floor! Check out a before and after shot of how our space is transforming below...

Back-Alley Community Building

Last week I and a number of volunteers and UP staff prepared for, and poured a small concrete slab in the parking lot behind the Union Project along Samantha Way. All this was done in preparation for a second gas kiln which was generously donated to the Union Project by the Manchester Craftsman's Guild this winter.

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