Artist in Residence

In order to further support artists, Union Project created our Artist in Residence program. This residency provides the opportunity for an emerging artist to focus on their artwork and build their body of work, while taking part in a thriving ceramics community and serving the greater Pittsburgh community through teaching community arts programs and classes.

Applications for our 2015 Fall Residency are open.  The deadline is August 15, 2015.

Current Artist in Residence: Mattie Cannon

Mattie came to Union Project shortly after she moved to Highland Park in August. A recent graduate from The College of Wooster, Mattie wanted to grow her skills as a potter and work in a community space.

"The community focus at Union Project thrills me and aligns with my goals within social practice art. I want to make art that engages an audience actively, and also considers community interactions and seeks to strengthen bonds between people. Right now I am really focused on building my skills.

I am relatively new to pottery and have a lot to learn - working in the co-op has already taught me a lot, there are so many artists working here who are willing to share their knowledge. This residency is a great opportunity to progress as an artist and to consider community, not as two separate endeavors but as two ideas coming together to support each other. I am excited to find ways to convey and encourage that connection through my work.

The intersection between art and community is a symbiotic relationship - creation and inspiration can be fed by interaction and relationship building and art in turn can help strengthen and build relationships and interaction. It’s a cycle, and I think it happens without our knowing on a regular basis. Over time I want to better support myself with my art and be a contributing member of a larger community that engages in a mindful, arts focused way of living."

Welcome Mattie!


Past residents include:

Ryan Myers, a Pittsburgh potter.  After completing his residency, Ryan joined UP's ceramics co-op!

Erica Nickol, a Pittsburgh ceramic sculptor. To learn more about Erica and her work, visit her Facebook page or webpage.

Evan Church, an international watercolor and oil painter. Check out Evan's work at his webpage.

For inquiries and additional information about our current Artist in Residence, contact Jenna Vanden Brink at or 412-363-4550. If this residency program does not meet your needs, please contact Jenna to discuss other opportunities.