Artist in Residence

In order to further support artists, Union Project created our Artist in Residence program. This residency provides the opportunity for an emerging artist to focus on their artwork and build their body of work, while taking part in a thriving ceramics community and serving the greater Pittsburgh community through teaching community arts programs and classes.

Applications for our 2014 Fall/Winter Residency are open!  Deadline is Friday, August 29, 2014.

Current Artist in Residence: Ryan Myers

Ryan is a local ceramic artist and Union Project’s current artist in residence. He studied Art Education at Edinboro University and has brought this background to Union Project. 

Ryan found out about Union Project during the 2012 Highland Park Pottery Tour, and was drawn to the unique, community studio environment. He made it his New Year’s resolution to apply for the artist in residence program. He appreciated the sense of place that was present and Union Project’s commitment to community service, especially in reaching out to the surrounding community.

During high school and college, Ryan learned different art forms, but he loved the functionality of ceramics. Throwing came naturally to him, and he started to create cups and other vessels. When he was little, his mom would share a cup of tea with him each night before bed, so creating cups has always reminded him of his mother. Ryan is still inspired by the kitchen, and wants to learn and evolve stylistically during his residency. He believes in “art for life,” or that art should have a purpose rather than “art for art’s sake.”

Teaching art has always motivated Ryan, as he believes that teaching is learning. From high school to his time at Edinboro, Ryan loves to learn as he teaches others. At Union Project, Ryan is teaching workshops in addition to working on his own art. Eventually, he plans to become a student again and continue his education by receiving a Masters of Fine Art.

As an artist in residence, he hopes to look away from outside sources and figure out what drives him as an artist. He wants to explore new textures and glazes and develop work that’s unique. Having the physical space and resources of Union Project is important, but Ryan is most excited about being part of a community to support him and his work.


Past residents include:

Erica Nickol, a Pittsburgh ceramic sculptor. To learn more about Erica and her work, visit her Facebook page or webpage.

Evan Church, an international watercolor and oil painter. Check out Evan's work at his webpage.

For inquiries and additional information about our current Artist in Residence, contact Jenna Vanden Brink at or 412-363-4550. If this residency program does not meet your needs, please contact Jenna to discuss other opportunities.

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