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Union Project Staff

Jeffrey Dorsey

Jeffrey Dorsey, Executive Director
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Jeffrey Dorsey’s expertise in arts-related community development and non-profit management has earned him broad recognition across various sectors in and around Pittsburgh. His background includes working as an artist, performer, arts-educator, economic development strategist, non-profit turn around specialist and speaker. He has helped shape many of the East End’s most progressive community building initiative’s including managing the Penn Avenue Arts Initiative, co-founding the East End Partnership of Pittsburgh, directing the Friendship Development Associates, and chairing the expansion of the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh.

Committed to helping people access their fullest potential, Jeffrey’s work consistently aims to inspire and educate people towards more simple and meaningful lives, creating more livable and sustainable neighborhoods, and working toward social renewal.  Jeffrey credits his deep interest in community to his own family, remembering his parents who could “talk to anyone about anything, loved hosting gatherings, and were experts at making people feel comfortable.”

Jeffrey balances his work life with enjoying time playing with his wife and two children, spending time outdoors, practicing yoga, running, playing soccer, renovating his old house and making anything with his hands.


Carol Spencer Royall

Carol Spencer Royall, Director of Space Rental Programming

Carol Spencer Royall brings over a decade of experience working in Pittsburgh’s East End non-profits.  For the last six years at Union Project, she has worn many hats: from Bookkeeper to Business Manager to Director of Space Rental Programming. Her wide range of knowledge (from numbers to every nook of our building) coupled with her integrity and unmatched caring for people make her ideal for her job: making sure your experience here is unique, enjoyable and memorable.

A wife and mother of two young adults and two pugs, Carol considers her family her greatest accomplishment and feels the skills gained over 23 years of a marriage are key to leading a successful life, specifically the ability to listen, compromise and forgive. Carol’s ‘don’t quit until it’s done’ work ethic means no obstacle is insurmountable. When she’s not serving others, Carol enjoys music, reading, anything outdoors or crafty, loves clouds, rainbows and sunsets and is considering taking up playing the piano again after a 25 year hiatus. Carol's claim to fame is an extensive knowledge of obscure facts useful only during Jeopardy or... well, maybe only Jeopardy.


Jenna Vanden Brink

Jenna Vanden Brink, Ceramics Program Manager
412-363-4550 x222

Growing up in Detroit, MI as the daughter of artistic parents, Jenna Vanden Brink learned to love the arts and care for community from a young age. After graduating from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI with a double major in Studio Art and English, she moved to Pittsburgh with ten college friends to volunteer for a year. She was attracted to Union Project’s core values, values she shares - creative expression, community and its development, serving leadership, faith, and reconciliation.

After a year of service at Union Project, Jenna was hired as Arts Coordinator to help re-shape Union Project’s Studio Arts Program. Jenna’s bright enthusiasm and decisiveness helped grow the program from a few dozen adult learners to over 1,000 youth, adults, and families. Additionally Jenna has strengthened UP’s ceramic cooperative and successfully managed our community restored stained glass window project to completion.

She loves serving in her neighborhood, teaching young artists, making pots cooperatively in a community studio, and spreading love and appreciation for the arts. As well, she enjoys music, dressing small dogs up in costumes, eating tomatoes from the garden, lawn games (and all games).


Michelle Clesse

Michelle Clesse, Communications and Development Manager
412-363-4550 x229

Michelle Clesse has lived in five different states, but fell in love with Pittsburgh’s hefty winters, arts organizations, library system, and friendly neighbors.  With over ten years of experience as a visual artist, arts educator, and arts manager; Michelle values communication and knowledge-sharing as essential ties strengthening and binding a community together.  She is excited to contribute her skills to Union Project.

Michelle received her Master of Arts Management degree from Carnegie Mellon University, and her MFA in Ceramics and Sculpture from Washington State University.

In her spare time, Michelle makes things out of clay, reads stories, and makes lots of lists.  She has a great fondness and appreciation for alliteration, rabbits, eating really good food that other people cook, and excel spreadsheets. 


Abbie Miller

Abbie Miller, Space Rental Coordinator
412-363-4550 x221

Abbie Miller joined the Union Project staff in September 2013. Abbie, a PULSE fellow, has a love for the arts in community and fell in love with the energy and spirit at Union Project. She is from Iowa and recently graduated from Goshen College with a B.A. in Art and Women’s Studies.

In the past, Abbie has worked at the Midwest Museum of American Art, the University of Iowa’s Immigration Services, and Goshen College’s Office of Conferences and Events. Her love for organization, hosting, and creating spaces with good vibes lends itself well to her position as Community Liaison at UP.

Abbie is a fan of many things including NPR, sewing, and story telling. In her spare time she enjoys playing piano, cooking delicious food for Michelle, and working on drawing projects.


Tim Poellnitz

Tim Poellnitz, Custodian

Tim Poellnitz first found out about Union Project from a friend eight years ago and has since been an invaluable member of the UP Staff. In his spare time, he likes playing football, basketball, and cooking with his family. Tim is happy to have been present to see the many changes that have happened to Union Project through the years, most recenly the finished stained glass windows and the newly renovated Great Hall. What Tim has come to value most about his job are the people he works with and the fact that he is helping the community every day.


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The office of Councilwoman Deborah Gross, City of Pittsburgh



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